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A little about me...

My education is a combination of Visual Arts from Centennial College, where I continued my study of the Arts from high school which included Fine Art, Dramatic Arts and Media and Advertising: as well I studied Feminist Politics from George Brown College. This complimentary education gives me a realistic perspective of women, what they really want for themselves and their appearance with  a visual eye.  With this knowledge I know that I can help women and men look and feel good about themselves!

At fourteen years of age I started my adventure into the working world as a salesperson for The Bata Shoe Company(The youngest employee to work for Bata). So began my search for meaningful and satisfying employment.  Over the years I've had  many different types of jobs, some were: retail, designing automotive product packaging, creating glass art, preparing images for t-shirts, painting special effects for commercial and private clients (one of which was re-painting the images on the ceiling of St. Micheal's Cathedral in downtown Toronto), being a Bicycle Messenger and then back into accessories and clothing in both retail and wholesale capacities.  

While working in retail I fine-tuned my visual skills in creating displays of store products within the store and in the windows.  My natural eye for what looks good and what suits the particular individual had become second nature.  I finally realized while managing a one-of-a-kind clothing store in the trendy Riverside District that not only was I making successful choices for clothing purchases and co-ordinating outfits for customers, but I was also suggesting what they wear with and under these outfits, how to wear their hair, their make-up etc. Basically, I was styling them!  Over the years that I worked there, many people came to me when they needed advice on what to wear for a particular occasion or event and I received countless comments and suggestions that I become a Fashion Consultant! 

So....... here I am, come and get me!